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Protein Ice Cream!

Have you ever wanted a way to make ice cream fit in your diet? How about on days your macronutrients won't allow a big bowl of Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream? Well, make your own! We make ours from bananas, peanut butter, AdvoCare Muscle Gain protein, and milk. It tastes awesome and it will fit your macros a bit more easily than normal ice cream most days! Sound like a plan? Cool, here's the breakdown.

1. Freeze older bananas in small chunks, this way you won't need ice.

2. Add 1 of your bananas to a blender (we use a Ninja food processor, amazing little thing

3. Add 2 scoops of your protein.

4. Add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

5. Add enough milk to cover the bottom about 1 inch... usually 1/2 cup will do.

6. Blend the devil out of your messy conglomeration until it's a bowl of amazingocity... sometimes I make up words, our blog, our rules, right? Alright, enjoy your "ice cream" in amazing peanut butter chocolate flavoring and you can thank us later!

The breakdown of macros?

Carbs 45g = 180 calories

Protein 34g = 136 calories

Fat 18g = 162 calories

This makes 2-3 servings of ice cream so you're looking at about 150 calories per serving. If you need to knock calories even lower, drop the peanut butter and/or protein powder and you can save a few calories while still having a tasty snack that will satisfy that sweet tooth!

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