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Creamed "Potatoes"

Many people love mashed or creamed potatoes. I personally am not a huge fan but sometimes, I just have a craving for cheesy garlic laden creamy goodness. The other night I tried a new recipe and I was pretty surprised. Our two year old doesn't eat potatoes at all and she even loved these creamed "potatoes"! These "potatoes" are actually cauliflower. Cauliflower is oftentimes a vegetable that is overlooked or even highly disliked. My husband hates cauliflower, but he ate this quite well! When he came home for supper, he looked into the pot where my creamed "potatoes" were still residing and was completely shocked that I had cooked real potatoes! Of course, I hadn't cooked real creamed potatoes, but just by looking into the pot he couldn't tell the difference! If you aren't a big fan of cauliflower yourself, you may want to just try this recipe. However, if you don't like garlic OR cauliflower, you may want to stay far far away from this recipe since it has plenty of garlic to overpower the strong cauliflower taste. There are many recipes out there for creamed cauliflower, but this one is from a eating light perspective. I have tweaked this recipe from the original recipes I found, and thus, I am going to apologize in advance for the estimations. I am really bad about not measuring things and going by taste alone! Enjoy!

Creamed Cauliflower

1 head cauliflower cut into florets

milk or soy milk

Parmesan cheese

minced garlic slightly sauted in olive oil

salt and pepper

Steam your florets in the microwave (put in microwave dish with about 1/2 inch water and cover dish with plastic wrap, microwave until soft which is about 8-10 minutes), drain off water, blend cauliflower and garlic with blender, immersion blender, or like I did, with a Ninja Blender. Add milk gradually or else they will become very watery. (I added a tad bit too much milk that's why mine look like they do!) You want your cauliflower to be fluffy like real creamed potatoes. When you get the right consistency, you can adjust the flavor by adding garlic powder if more garlic flavor is needed, salt, pepper, and if you want, a few generous dashes of parmesan cheese. Enjoy!

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