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Is Paleo Right For You?

So, you've heard people talking about Paleo. What exactly is it? At it's heart, this form of eating is going back to natural foods you can either hunt or find. It's not necessarily any food we cultivate today: for example, legumes (most beans, peas, and peanuts) are not part of a Paleo diet. Typically, most people think of legumes as healthy, but the problem is overall they don't provide amazing levels of nutritional value and tend to be high in carbs. For non-meat eaters these are nearly essential for their protein content, but in the Paleo diet, they aren't the best option.

With that said, what's a basic Paleo diet look like? The picture included is from

Now, hopefully the picture helps some, but paleo is typically a breakdown of meat, veggies, fruits, healthy fats (coconut oil) and some seeds and nuts. No dairy, no grains, no processed food. It's a simple plan and most of the Paleo experts will say you don't even have to count calories since most of these foods will cause satiation at a faster rate than non-Paleo counterparts. I still recommend an accurate log of ALL foods you place in your body for the best results. You have to know what's going in and if it's working the best for you specifically. Paleo allows animal fats so bacon is absolutely fine to have in the right portions. Many of the articles we put out will contain Paleo recipes suitable to put into your diet regimen. Paleo is said to help keep inflammation of the gut to a minimum and allow your body to work at its highest level. The inflammation is supposedly from the grains we tend to love so dearly in our normal diet these days. A typical meal may include a chicken breast, some seared aspargus (in olive oil or coconut oil), 1/2 an apple, and some almond or peanut butter to put with the apple as a dessert of sorts! There are tons of articles detailing Paleo much deeper than I can, so feel free to check them out!

If this sounds like a diet plan you could stick to for the long haul and you have questions, feel free to reach out to us for more information!

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