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Warrior Training Concepts

Our workout programs--the staple of what we offer online--are tailored to help keep you interested. We know that most people get bored in the gym, so we want to offer you a way to stay motivated by not having to plan your own workouts and go through the boredom of searching and planning. The app is done on your phone or you can follow onine, so it's always easy to find the workout for the day! You get videos and tips with each movement so you know what to do even if you didn't before you saw that workout!

We offer you 4 different teams to make sure we have a fit for your preference of workout styles!

1) Strength Game: this is our powerlifting team that focuses on the big 3 lifts (bench, squat, and deadlift). Most of these people don't compete, but want to be strong in daily life. It's the same way Tiff and I workout as well, so ladies don't shy away!

2) Home Warriors: this is for the person who wants to workout at home. You won't need much to train with, only a jump rope, light weights, and bands! If you're not so sure about getting out in the gym in public, this may be for you!

3) High Intensity Rx (CrossFit): this is for the experienced CrossFitter who wants to step up to the next level! You get skill work, strength work, and MetCons each week to keep you moving forward!

4) High Intensity Scaled (CrossFit): this team is for the beginner who wants to get the heartrate up, but maybe hasn't seen or done many workouts in the past. It's always doable by any level person. If you can't do the weight prescribed, go down some. This makes this our most popular workout team!

No matter which team you choose, feel free to swap teams anytime. If you have questions on how this can help you please reach out to us! It's only $10 per month to follow so what do you have to lose??? Not to mention you could gain abs like our client Phillip in the picture!


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