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New Year, New You!

So.. it's a new year... 2016. What will you do with it? What is your big idea in this new era of life? A new invention, promotion, weight loss, spending more time with loved ones? Put the procrastinator in you away and move on! It takes action to produce results. We all want to be recognized, but nobody gets recognized for sitting around. Inaction produces exactly no results in your life. You want that promotion? Work harder... Someone once told me in my teens that if I wanted to be paid $10 an hour while I was making $7 then work as if I was earning $10 an hour. Match your drive with what you want to achieve! If you have goals in your health or body, you can't sit back and just hope you get there. Each day is a new chance and a new day to progress toward your goals. Don't waste the precious time God has gifted you with to sit on the sidelines of life, it's time to press on toward the goal, whatever it may be! Life's calling, are you ready?

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