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At Resurrected Warrior Fitness we are all about results!  If you are a current member or training client and want your results posted, feel free to email us or stop by so we can get your story posted!


​"Back in my jeans with room to spare!!!  I'm sooo pumped :-).... I'm saying a month ago they would not come together by about an 1 1/2 in. and now they're almost too big :-)

Miranda H. one month in on training with our Warrior Barbell Club


“​ Loved this gym since the first day I stepped into it and I'd recommend it to anyone."
  Brad B. Member


“ I'm happy I made the right decision to join Resurrected Warrior Gym. It's very clean with lots of equipment to workout      on as well as outdoor tires to work with. The owners are awesome, friendly, helpful and caring. Best gym I've ever   joined and don't want to leave.”​
  Sayunda F. Member


Love this place. If you haven't joined you need to!”​
  Alexis M.  Member

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