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Learn about the different services we offer!  We strive to give you a world-class experience in a small town setting!



We offer personalized training in several formats.  We offer true 1:1  personal training as well as distance coaching.  Distance coaching provides your nutrition and workout plans via email, requires you to check in with results weekly, and is a much cheaper alternative to traditional personal training.  So we offer both services so you can choose what is best for you!


We offer you 24 hour access ANY day of the year, including holidays!  Now, this doesn't mean we will always be in here.  You have security cameras always running and an access door that can only be opened with current key holders.  You are issued a proximity key that will open the door when you come to workout.  The door locks behind you so you are always secure!  Check our testimonial page to see the amazing results our members have been getting with us!  Come by to try our facility for free with our first time day pass offer.  We hope to see you soon! 



We offer level 2 tanning via a Sundash Competition 232 tanning bed!  This is a 32 bronzing bulb beast without the harsh facial tanning.  If you want to bronze up before the beach or keep that tan year round, we can help make it happen!



We LOVE AdvoCare supplements for our family, so we offer them to you as well!  Whether you need a boost of clean energy from Spark or you are looking to jump start weight loss or gain with a 24 Day Challenge, we can coach you from start to finish on what products will fit your needs!


And did we mention YOU can earn income from AdvoCare as well?!  If you love it like we do, it's second nature to share that passion with others and earn extra income each month!


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