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                           Resurrected Warrior- The Gym


Thanks for checking us out!  We pride ourselves in being one of the cleanest facilities in the Tuscaloosa area.  We are located in Fosters, only a 12-15 minute drive from Tuscaloosa, and we charge a fraction of the price of many locations in town, plus minimal crowding makes working out on your favorite equipment more accessible! 


The gym is accessible 24 hours a day for our members AND tanning is included with any membership!  We have ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, a stepper, weight stack strength machines, tons of free weights, and cross training equipment to include Olympic rings and bumper plates! 


We have weekend warriors, brides-to-be, moms just post baby, families, CrossFitters, powerlifters, and runners all working out together.  This is your truly judgement free zone where dedicated bodybuilders, powerlifters, and weightlifters can work out in the same place as anyone else with any goals and we support one another in those goals!  No odd looks if the treadmill is your thing and no judgement if you want to deadlift 500+ pounds for fun. 


Come join us in taking back your fitness.  Bring back that warrior in yourself.  Bring the fight back to your body and #ProtectThisTemple! 


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