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Alabama's Strongest Man Competition, Gulf Shores 2015

So we tried a strongman event last weekend... and that is a different world, let me tell you! I really enjoyed the people and the atmosphere, but this is definitely a new area for me. There are 5 events we tried as you'll see in the video. A pressing medley with a log, an axle, and a circus dumbbell, a pulling event with a fire truck, 2 carrying events with a yoke and with a Husafel stone, and a lifting event involving Atlas stones. Never having trained with any of this, I was in the dark on technique and what to expect. With that said, I don't think I did too bad! I hope next year I am able to have some prep time and give it another shot! The getaway for Tiff and myself to have a weekend with no kids and no schedule was absolutely awesome in contrast to my performance on the course! We had an amazing time and I hope next year some of you reading this will decide to join us and go train for strongman! There are women's and teen divisions, novice (beginner) divisions, and open divisions split by weight class. There's a division for you, so come try it!

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