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Tough to Maintain

Whether we talk about faith or we talk about nutrition, it can be tough to maintain those healthy parameters and relationships! Let me tell you, I fall off the wagon in both many times! Can I get an amen?!

Food can be one of those daunting things that many people who try to get fit either overlook or just skip altogether out of fear or not wanting to give up our favorite things! (Mt Dew for me!) But... nutrition either makes or breaks the goal! Nutrition has been a hang up of mine for a LONG time. I will get it right for a week then I'll be back on my cokes and ice cream! Don't feel bad if you're the same, it can happen to anyone. The hard truth is, if you want to get fit, trim fat levels, get stronger or faster, then nutrition is a key element in making that a reality. Do NOT get caught in the trap of "well I can just work that off". You will not out work a bad diet. It just won't happen. Sooo, am I saying give it all up for chicken and rice? Heavens no! I'm saying have one meal a week that's a cheat of sorts. But beyond that stick to your calories needed to hit your goals and make sure your macronutrients line up. Read more on that here ( Stick to your guns and you will see changes!

Now what about faith? Maintaining our faith in tough times (death, desperation, job loss, financial hardship, etc) is of utmost importance for being able to rely on Jesus' strength instead of our own, but many times this is when we turn to friends, family, social media, and anywhere else except God. Why? Why do we as believers fight these fights on our own when we have a Savior who says He will take on our burdens? Matthew 11:28 is where Jesus tells us, "Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." He is the God of all comfort and peace and strength. He is omnipotent and always present to hear us in times of need and plenty yet we neglect Him. Or worse yet, maybe we ONLY turn to Him in those valleys. Step it up! God wants our undivided attention. And no wonder, He did die for us! I know I get complacent on my daily reading and skip it way too many days! And what about being in prayer? Man I mess that up a ton and forget to go to God with it first. I want you to know you're not alone in that. We are human, we mess up. But, God in His goodness said He wants us in His family anyway! What an amazing love! He loves you and me unconditionally with a love we cannot even fathom! So how can we maintain our faith?

1. Commit to worship: This means corporately with other believers and in our alone time with God.

2. Commit to study: Commit to reading no less than 5 minutes or one chapter a day of God's Word and see what He reveals to you there. You will learn and grow if you commit to this.

3. Commit to prayer: Did you find your spouse (or even a friend) by staying quiet and never seeking conversation? Didn't think so. God wants that connection and worship with us. It's most often neglected. It's that key element missing in so many believers lives. Take time to make it happen and see how God will work in you!

I'm trying something new in this post if you can't already tell. We want to honor God in our work, so this fitness blog is getting a revamp to include fitness and faith... hope you will help us spread the word by sharing our posts, telling others about it, and just getting involved if you like what we are doing!

If you want to support this site and blog you can check out some of our affiliates below, yes we will receive a commission from them if purchases are made. If you have to get something from them, why not help out two businesses in the process? Thanks for checking us out!

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