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Unstable Overhead Squats

Here is a quick demo of the unstable overhead squat. Start off very light with these movements that involve such big amounts of shoulder mobility. You can lose the weight forward or behind you in a quick way! Start in a front rack position and either press or jerk the weight to the overhead, fully extended position. From here, make sure you breathe into your belly, keeping the ribs "down". For more on that click HERE. With the inhaled breath to stabilize the the thorax, push the hips back and bend the knees as a normal squat would occur. You will notice that your balance will require you to keep the torso much more vertical than the traditional back squat. Try to get hips below parallel and begin the concentric contraction to come back up, exhaling as you near the top. Congratulations, you've now done your first overhead squat! So we want to make it harder as you progress and allow you to make in an unstable movement. You will need a bar or PVC pipe, bands, and weights. This allows the weight to swing and move, causing you to have to engage the core and shoulders even more than normal. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Until next time, #ProtectThisTemple

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