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Strongman--Husafell Stone Carry

Well this was a new experience.... it was a fun trip we made a month ago now, and I learned a ton on strongman competition. Hopefully I can pass some newly gained knowledge on to you! One point to pass along on the stone is how heavy my lift was. This is a 290 pound stone, so it's no easy lift, especially with it being so awkward. You will need to get LOW on the stone.... I almost felt like I was doing my warmup stretching by going so low! Once the stone is at hip height, you will want to extend the hips almost like you would in Olympic lifting and get the upward momentum rolling to allow you to let go and regrip the stone lower and further down the taper. From there lean back, hold on, and walk fast! I did notice the more regrips each person did, the sooner the stone had to be dropped. I hope you'll give strongman workouts a try. When you do, let us know how it goes!

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