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Carb Free Cheese "Bread"

If you are on a low carb plan, sometimes you need a quick meal. Usually quick meals include shoving a piece of sandwich meat between two pieces of bread and running out the door. Today, I needed breakfast fast (because the kids and I were about to starve). My normal go to is eggs in every form and fashion, but today, with my luck, I look in the refrigerator to discover that we didn't have a single egg! This is unheard of in our house! With no eggs I had no clue what I was going to cook. So, just like with every good product and recipe, necessity is the mother of invention. I quickly made the kids grilled cheese sandwiches with wheat bread then I took a look at the bag of cheese again. I made two piles of shredded cheese in my hot skillet about 3 inches in diameter. These piles fried up into two beautiful crispy rounds. When they were crispy enough to take out of the skillet without sticking to my spatula but not so crisp as to be on the verge of being burnt, I took the crisps out of the skillet and let them cool slightly on a plate. I almost ate them as they were, but as you see in the picture, I added a few slices of buffalo chicken deli meat. At first bite, I knew I had a keeper! If you are wanting or needing a quick sandwich, but really don't want to add extra carbs, these cheese crisps are great as replacement "bread". Add a slice of tomato, avocado, lettuce etc... for a fresh addition. Enjoy!

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